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Remembering Diana Wynne Jones

March 27, 2011

I want to share with you a small eulogy as I have learnt that the writer Diana Wynne Jones (born 1934) passed away on March 26th. I am very sad to hear it, and would like to extend my condolences to her loved ones.

One of the first books that I remember really engaging and inspiring me was a translation to my native language of Howl’s Moving Castle, a fantasy novel about a young girl who is turned into an old woman, a semi-malicious fire demon, and an attractive, but infuriating, wizard. I think it was one of the first books to truly be an inspiration to me. The story showed a refreshing perspective on classic fairy tales and the characters were so alive that I would remember them for years to come and re-read the book much later, rediscovering things that I had not fully understood the first time and enjoying being able to read it in English.
Since then, more books by Ms Jones have made their way to my bookshelves. Her worlds are wonderful, her characters so alive, her stories brilliantly interwoven, and they are simply solid, entertaining and believable. When reading interviews with Ms Jones, I think it is clear that she was gifted with a sparkling, abundant creativity. That she loved and cared for her works. Characters and stories simply showed up, and she wrote them, perfectly conveying the creative inputs into stories that would thrill and entertain others.
Just last week, I lent one of them to a lady in a class that I teach and she enjoys Ms Jones’ writing a lot. When I did the final thesis for my degree a few years back, I included a passage about the works of Ms Jones – not just because she had influenced me, but because I consider her a very important contributor to British literature for children and young adults and fantasy in general.
Please consider this humble eulogy a few words of appreciation, a way of showing sadness, and also a heartfelt expression of gratitude because I, personally, owe some of my earliest inspiration and interest in reading and writing to Diana Wynne Jones.

For more information about Diana Wynne Jones, her works and the circumstances of her death, please visit this site.

To anyone who was actually reading my blog/hoping for updates, I’m sorry for disappearing for so long. There were things in need of rethinking, and life on this side of the screen demanded my full attention for some time. I hope to begin updating regularly again, though probably not several times a week.

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  1. opheliajasmin permalink
    April 4, 2011 8:42 am

    Oh, I loved her books – that’s very sad. Happy memories of reading Howl’s moving castle as a child.


    • April 4, 2011 9:12 am

      Thank you very much for the comment! Yes, it is sad. I’m glad to hear that you have happy memories of Howl as well. 🙂


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