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Book Nerding: A Collection of Old and Special Books

August 4, 2015

Most people who love writing love reading – and most people who love reading love books.

I was recently taking some photos of a couple of old books (for a different purpose), and it occurred to me that I’d like to share some of my old books with you.
I’m not really a collector, but I do love the look and feel (and smell) of old books. There is so much history in them!
Well, without further ado; Here you have five of my special books:

An old Bible

This is a leatherbound volume so worn that it’s hard to make out what’s on the spine. But it’s a Danish translation of the Bible, and what makes it special is the fact that this version is from 1824! It’s the oldest book I own.

The Great War

“Verdenskrigen” means “The World War” or “The Great War” in English. This mammoth in six volumes also includes a folder with maps of Europe during the war. What makes it extra special is the title; It was written before the Second World War. Strange and unsettling, but beautiful books.

Verdens Undergang

“The End of the World” from 1910 is a book about … well, how the world will end. I bought it because it looked pretty, but it’s also interesting to see the author’s vision of the future. The caption of the illustration in the picture is “Street in a future city”.

Panzer zwischen Warschau und Atlantik

Here’s another unsettling one. It’s not very old, but being published in 1941 in Germany by the Wehrmacht publishing company in Berlin gives it some historical value. At this point, they thought they were winning. Scary.

Biblical Illustrations

This book is huge and heavy and my edition is from 1884. It’s selected scenes from the Bible beautifully illustrated by Gustave Doré. The details are really great. The Danish title is “The Bible in Pictures”.

So those are five of my favourites. Do you want to see more of my old/special books at some point? And do you own or collect (old) books too?

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  1. August 5, 2015 9:07 pm

    Gosh, those are beautiful! My collections are far more modern (working on the Penguin clothbound classics right now) but I’d love to get into older volumes some day. Did you pick these up from somewhere in particular, or have they just found their way to you over the years?

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    • August 5, 2015 10:39 pm

      Thanks very much! I’ve got a few other old ones that I’m quite fond of, but these are most special. 🙂 The Penguin clothbound classics are so pretty, too! 🙂
      These ones are a mix, really. From my family (I got the old bible when a family member in the clergy retired) and rather cheap used book sales mainly. 🙂 I have a friend who owns a book from the middle of the 18th century, if I’m not mistaken, bought in an antique bookshop here in Copenhagen.


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