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So after you are done here, I have a few link recommendations for you. They’re all reading and/or writing related of course. Most of them have been posted in my blog before, and I will be adding more as we go along. You can also try looking at my Webly Wednesday posts for more links.
Fun stuff

  • I Write Like …
    Find out which well-known author you write like (or have a great laugh).
  • Wordle
    Make pretty “word clouds” of a text you’ve written. Also useful for seeing if you overuse certain words.

Useful writing links


Online fiction – read/submit

  • Every Day Fiction
    Read a new story of 1,000 words or less every day. Or submit your own.
  • JukePop Serials
    Serialised novels of lots of genres. You can submit your own to get a chance of being published.

Useful reading links

Other links (or things that fall in more than one category)

  • Amazon
    Where I like to buy the books I can’t get in my local bookstore.
  • Spotlight on the WP Book Bloggers
    A list of book blogs on WordPress. Really useful for finding reviews etc.
  • Wikipedia
    Oh yes. Not for in-depth research, but very good for getting an overview. Of mostly anything.
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